We guide start-ups, advise them and help them hit the road running. We help you cross bridges that are holding you back.

RootBox expertise helps you get funding and protects your interests.

We are your fair-weather friends, and rough-weather best friends.

RootBox offers three distinct services in the market.

Innovation Engine : RootBox helps pre-startups with think tank services and we play the Devils advocate with your fledgling idea. We help you transform your innovative thought into a revenue model.  We hold your idea in greatest secrecy and stand by our commitment to help turn your start-up into a successful venture.

Push Start : We help start-ups with a robust business plan, a vision and a direction. We help transform the bright spark of innovation into a workable and profitable business model.

Cruise Control : RootBox also helps growth phase companies with information and guidance to help them overcome problems of growth and formulate the right mix of policies and procedures to witness a sustained growth amidst stiff competition.

Our engagement examples include :

Micro Consulting : RootBox does not limit their offerings to big budget and large funds but also helps  start-ups with limited needs of consulting. Do you need just a few days of consulting advise with focus on just one or two pain areas. The minimum number of consulting engagement would be 20 hours to be used within a week.

Market Study: We conduct primary and secondary resource market surveys based on the client requirements for all geographies in India. We submit reports with complete statistical analysis and recommendations.

BPR: We undertake complete business process re-engineering of your business to unearth the hidden efficiency in your processes to maximize your profits and make you a lean organization.

Product Marketing : We market your product or service and develop your market for you. We undertake branding, positioning, packaging, and pricing plans to make your business take off to the next orbit. We help you with all necessary tie-ups, negotiating with third party vendors and their management.

ERP Consulting : We suggest the best ERP solution for your organization and negotiate with the vendors on your behalf, saving you large amounts of sum on the hardware, licenses and implementation services. ERP vendors tend to over-sell and over do the implementation with modules and hardware you don’t need.  We can even be a part of the steering committee and guide the entire ERP implementation in your organization.

Policy Formulation: We help companies form growth oriented policies and strategies that can help them concentrate on their business growth and emerge out of fire fighting mode.