With Rootbox by your side, feel the wind in your hair.

We make it as simple as a, b, c...

We are very aware that our clients are very demanding and time is of utmost importance.

In order to give our clients the best possible services in the shortest possible time, we follow the following methodology:-

Step One:

1. Initial contact with client through reference or through direct marketing.

2. Explaining to our clients what we can do for them and winning their confidence with our credentials.

3. Discussing an overview of what they might gain by engaging our professional consulting services.

Step Two:

1. Meet and conduct short interviews with the stakeholders and understand the depth of the pain area/s.

2. Understand the vision and mission of the client’s business and identify the areas that need attention.

3. Submit a detailed proposal with responsibility matrix, resource chart, time lines and deliverables, and cost.

Step Three:

Initiate the engagement after sign-off.