HRMS Requirement

    1. Daily Assessment of subordinates on 10 parameters
    2. daily assessment time window should be settable (say 5 PM to 10 PM)
    3. Based on daily assessment a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual assessment is calculated
    1. Manpoer Requisition Form and approval
    2. Onboarding form includes basic information, post applied for, salary asked, etc, picture upload, aadhaar picture upload, cheque pic upload etc.
    3. provision to fill PF Form and ESIC Form with signatures and witness signatures etc.
    4. Supervisor should be able to log in, see all the uploaded forms and approve them, and fill out final post, location, salary details.
    5. Issue of assets (Laptop / Mobile Etc)
    6. Onboarding Form should be able to work on tab (responsive) and with poor connection also ( persistant data)
    7. Onboarding process chart attached
    8. After Onboarding there is a probation period of 6 months which is extendable by 3 months.
    9. Monthly review (includes review form), 2 monthly review, 5 monthly review etc. .
    10. Final Confirmation assessment
    1. Leave / Attendance Uploading
    2. Salary slip generation and emailing
    3. Loan Policy
  4. Leave Policy
    1. Leave Application
    2. Leave Calculation as per policy
  5. Exit Process
    1. Exit Interview
    2. Exit Formalities
    3. Surrender Assets etc.
  6. More details available including forms etc.